Wednesday, 14 October 2015

In Search of the Meaning to Life!

                               Life the Adventure Great

What is life?, is an eternal question defined and described in so many ways. Perhaps one of the Best ways to define Life is as an Adventure. With this definition life gets a meaning, a direction, a cause to live with, dare with & strive for.

What is Adventure? & how life is a Great Adventure? is a theme worth exploration.

Word Adventure – is mostly associated with adventurous sports, daring some task not yet thought of, full of Action, Thrill, Danger & of course Joy. These words together describe the word Adventure. Yet it is much more than that.

Story of human evolution, civilizational growth and cultural advancement is the results of human adventure, the spirit ever seeking something Greater, something New, something Spectacular. In this search, exploration human being has explored almost all the External Nature, every nook & corner of the Planet Earth. There is hardly any major mountain peak yet not explored. North-South poles & the most adverse parts of the earth are under human feet, within reach. The depths & dark secrets of Ocean are no longer alien. He has penetrated the thick forests of Amazon, Africa or other continents. The deserts of Sahara, Gobi etc. has been traversed so many times. The very core of planet Earth is within his reach.
 Beyond earth this adventurous spirit has dared the infinite space, sending space shuttles on Mars, Jupiter etc. He is planning to establish human colonies on Moon, exploring water on Mars, daring to unravel the secret of even the all-consuming mammoth fire of Sun. At cosmic level this spirit is daring to unravel the very birth of Universe. At micro level this adventurous spirit has split the atom into subatomic particle & at micro bio level exploring the very genetic blueprint of life. There is no limit to this adventure of outer exploration (physical, biological) & human progress. External nature he has explored to its limits.
But with all outer exploration & conquests, journey is not complete. In search of perfection, the search has been mostly one sided, the byproducts of which are not very favorable. We are well aware about the present state of the society, human civilization and planet earth; all of which are heading towards destruction and disaster. There is something wrong with this one sided progress. The outer exploration guided by the motives of greed, dominance, ego and self-gratification has to be checked.

This outer adventure has to be balanced by inner adventure. It is the adventure of inner journey; the inner adventure of self-exploration, self-discovery & self-realization. This is the balancing act for outer misadventure. It is the process of self-integration, human-excellence and self-actualization. It is the awakening of potential divinity, the blooming of innate divine potential, the cultivation of human virtues. It is the journey to the center of existence, the peak of consciousness. It is the Adventure of Consciousness; the great adventure of self-conquest and self-mastery.
With this adventure life gets a meaning. Each person has his/her unique contribution, a role to play, which becomes clear on this path.  There is no comparison & contrast with anybody else here. Each one has his/her limitations to be surpassed, records to be shattered. Each has his/her unique journey, unique potential to explore and unique destiny to be fulfilled. Here self is the way and self is the bar, our own mind the friend/helper and own mind the enemy/bar. With each inner limitation shattered and weakness overcome, there blows the fresh air of peace and joy. One is one step close to inner freedom, peace and Perfection.   

This inner adventure gives the meaning to the outer adventure, this inner freedom gives fulfilling touch to outer progress, this inner joy gives the direction to outer journey. Worldly life gets a new meaning. Life a pursuit of endless creative adventure. Life with this realization becomes a true adventure; the royal path to the ultimate peace-freedom-joy & bliss.

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