Thursday, 24 September 2015

The hours of Self-revelation

Forging the weakest link of the Chain

So frightened, so scarred, not seen before,

It was time to lead from the front,
But he was faltering & wavering from the Core,
Where had the Adventure riding rough waves gone,
Where was the person daring, 
Who seeked the challenges unknown?

Wondered the near & dear ones at their Ideal,
What was paralyzing the giant - a fact unknown? 
How was the mighty presence getting questionable?
The rough, the tough, the hero shivering like a Leaf.

Came the light within, when the tempest was gone,
It was the Truth simple, a fact not unknown,
Repeated every time, with all small or Great ones,
When, the most vulnerable spot is operated,
And the weakest link of the Chain forged,

These are the painful moments of Self-revelation,
Naked Truth in front, nothing to hide, all bare,
The World mere spectator, the sufferer all alone,
It is the hell on fire, turmoil one can hardly stop.

If one can just wear these trying moments with grit,
With a spirit adventurous, deep faith & hope Great,
Pain becomes a blessing and this World a Great Gym,
Link gets forged & one grows more refined & Strong. 

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